What is Katapedia

Katapedia is a brand monitoring & digital agency that helps its clients to monitor their brand presence in the traditional and online media. Katapedia will help your brand listen the customer conversation in the social media, analyze and report the data to discover trend among customers, and finally connect your brand with the customers. We offer social media monitoring tools, analytics, research data, and services to help you connect with your perfect audiences.


To help you listen, discover, and connect your brand with your customers, Katapedia offers three main services, Social Media Monitoring Tools to listen to your customers, analytics and research data to discover new trend and strategy, and social community management service to connect your brand with your customers.


Katapedia offers Social Media Monitoring tools that analyze conversation and sentimentabout your brand in traditional and social media.

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Katapedia provides analytics and research data for you to discover new trend and strategy to reach your customers better.

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Katapedia help brand to manage its social community. Our Social Community Management service will help you to have better conversation with your customers.

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Client Story

Katapedia help hundreds corporate and individual clients. Here are few of their success stories after using Katapedia's services. Be one of them!

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